UCAP serves as a repository of information, for the exchange of knowledge among partners and the dissemination of activities, tools and projects in furtherance of the objectives of UCAP. It provides an opportunity for partners and members to give visibility to their activities and build synergies with potential partners, including sponsor institutions, for the development of projects.  

The transfer of knowledge within the framework of the Academic Project consists mainly of the opportunity to promote and carry out research activities that involve the exchange of information and experience between academics, students and professionals of the sector on issues relevant to the protection of the cultural heritage, particularly on restitution issues. It is clear that exchange and dialogue are essential to the advancement of ideas in this area.

This is why the Academic Project provides for the organization of an Annual Conference which will aim to present the results of the research carried out within the framework of the Project, to give visibility to the activities of partner Universities or entities in this field in general, and to interact with professionals in particular.The issues discussed at the Annual Conference will also feed the discussions within the Informal Ratification Task Force.

The Annual Conference will be hosted in turn by one of the Leading partners and the Conference and presentations will be given particular visibility on the UCAP website.