Assessing the legal impact of the Convention in countries not yet Party to the 1995 UNIDROIT Convention on Stolen or Illegally Exported Cultural Objects.

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“None of these instruments directly affects the outcome of this appeal, but they do illustrate the international acceptance of the desirability of protection of the national heritage. A refusal to recognise the title of a foreign State, conferred by its law, to antiquities unless they had come into the possession of such State, would in most cases render it impossible for Judgment Approved by the court for handing down. Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran v The Barakat Gallery Ltd this country to recognise any claim by such a State to recover antiquities unlawfully exported to this country” 

Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran v. The Barakat Galleries Ltd. [2007] EWCA Civ. 1374


Chechi, Contel, Renold, Case Jiroft Collection – Iran v. The Barakat Galleries Ltd, 2011

M. Frigo, The Impact of the UNIDROIT Convention on international case law and practice, an appraisal, Unif. L. Rev. Vol. 20, 2015, 626-636.

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“In our opinion, the better rule gives the owner relatively greater protection and places the burden of investigating the provenance of a work of art on the potential purchaser”

Guggenheim Foundation v. Lubell, 569 N.E.2d at 428 [1991]


Chechi, Wallace, Renold, Case Chagall Gouache – Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and Lubell, 2013. 

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